Y-Ball Valve

Y-Ball Valve
One valve control two pipes.
Automatic control, one ball valve can automatically open and close the valve This design has obtained national patent in May 2011, patent number: ZL201020575061.8.


Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as the liners of Y– ball valve with 128% wear resistance index Service lige is 2-4 times longer than traditional valve. The ball wrapped by Xinhai wear – resistant rubber which can effectively open and close the two valve ports in Y – ball valve. Slurry flow driving ball into a pipe orifice and close it; slurry pass by another pipe orifice. So it will not cause blockage. The Y – ball valve relying on the pressure of slurry to change the valve does not need people to control realizing automatic control, simple and flexible. Adopting Y- ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve.

【Product Structure】

Y-Ball ValveY-Ball Valve

Outstanding ball valve design of opening and closing, no blocking; creative opening and closing device control the valve by slurry pushing the ball. Y- Ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve to reduce the investment cost by only buying one valve and saving one pipeline.

【Technical Parameters】

Nominal Pressure (MPa)


Diameter Range (mm)


Test Pressure



Test Medium





Working Pressure (MPa)

< 1.0

Working Medium

Slurry, Slag, Tailings, etc.